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3007 Aquatronic
Versatile and efficient solar, digital scale comes equipped with auto shut off. Also includes detachable bowl and tare weighing function.

Available in white or chrome


4001 Glass Platform Scale
Hygienic glass platform - resistant to staining / flavour carry-over. Strong, toughened glass. Weigh directly onto platform or use with a bowl. Automatically adjusts for use with most bowls or containers. Angled display for easy reading

Available in Crome


5100 Extra precision Electronic Scale
Extra precision electronic kitchen scale 1g / 0.1oz . Scale fits inside pan for easy storage. 12mm / 0.5" digits and auto shut-off

Available in silver/graphite


6055 Electronic Kitchen Scale
Electronic kitchen scale with stainless steel cover - easy to clean. Silver finish scale. Cover is dishwasher safe. Weigh directly onto platform or use with a bowl. Automatically adjusts for use with most bowls or containers

Available in silver/stainless steel



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