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Kitchen Scale Food Scales Cooking Scale.com™ is part of the JPI Imports product line. JPI Imports brings you a collection of product lines each one individually designed to bring you the best brand names in it category along with the best prices.

Each one of our sites operates individually as a department in a department store you will not have to scroll through useless information that pertains to other product lines that do not interest you. Yet you have the ability to navigate, shop and check out of as many departments as you'd like.

We are constantly adding products lines and should you have any suggestions about our products or the way we run our sites please e-mail our webmaster we would love to hear from you.

Prior to the launch of any of our sites our staff goes out and researches the products that are on the market contacts the manufacturers and collects the data. We do not sell products that are all "hype" we concentrate on the good reliable products coming from the best manufacturers we can find.

Due to our large volume we are able to bring you large savings on almost every product we sell. We stock all the products that are on our sites and ship them from our warehouses (with the exception of the occasional backorder) in order to maintain good service and prompt delivery.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you! We will do all we can to ensure that you end up with the best product for the best price that meets you needs.

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Heart Rate Monitors
Acumen ; Polar A Series ; Polar M Series ; Polar S Series ; Lifsource ; Omron

Body Fat Scales & Analyzers
Tanita Ultimate Body Fat Scales ; Tanita Duo Body Fat Scales ; Tanita Family Body Fat Scales ;
Terraillon & MSI Body Fat Scales ; Omron's Body Fat Analyzer (HBF) ; AccuFitness Body Fat Calipers ;
Tanita Professional Body Composition Analyzer ; Tanita Body Fat Scales ;

Blood Pressure Monitors
Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitors ; Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors ; Manual Blood Pressure Monitors ; Professional & Abulatory Blood Pressure Monitors ; Accessories ; Omron, Lifesource, AND,Exa-Med

Air Cleaners Purifiers Ionizers Ozone Generators
Air Cleaners Purifiers ; Biozone Air Cleaners ; Whole House Induct Air Cleaners ; Air Cleaners Replacement Parts ; Spring Air Negative Ion Purifiers ; Professional Industrial Air Cleaners ; Springair O3 Oder Control ; Austin Air Allergy HEPA Filters ; Austin Air Activated Carbon ; Aller-Air UV Purifier ; Aller-Air Carbon Oder Control

Kitchen Cooking Scales
Salter Kitchen Food Scales ; Tanita Cooking & Diet Scales ; Soehnle Electronic Nutrition Scales

More Health & Fitness Products
Digital Instant Ear Thermometers ; Omron Stethoscopes

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